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[equinox-dev] Problems with WAB and RESTful / SOAP Webservice

Sorry in advance if this was discussed before or is just trivial but I am searching a solution for this like months.
I am trying to migrate my Web Application Archive to a Web Application Bundle.
I am using the Glassfish Open Source Edition and I replaced the Felix OSGi-Version with the Equinox.
I am using myfaces 2.1.8 and primefaces 3.4 in Web Archive. My Web Archive only consists of 4 .xhtml files and one backing bean.
I already put a Manifest into the war file and added the launch.ini and the web.xml.
I tried a lot of things what was discussed on the internet and i also read OSGi in Action and OSGi in Depth but I am a little bit lost. There are a lot of tutorials and examples but their all not working or not exactly how I want to solve the problem.
Does anybody has some experiences with Facelets in a Web Application Bundle using Glassfish Server ?
I also tried searching for a good SOAP and RESTful Distribution Provider for the Remote Services for OSGi but I also found no working examples on the web.
I would really appreciate it if someone can give me a hint.