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Re: [equinox-dev] Equinox, PDE and packages from the ExtensionClasspath (e.g. JavaFX)

> > Fragment-Host: system.bundle; extension:=extclasspath
> Would this extension:=extclasspath cause problems to other
> OSGi-Implementations like e.g. felix?

A compliant framework should reject this manifest since the standard directive does not specify a valid value.

If you are thinking of having a non-standard, Equinox-specific value for a standard directive, why not just add an Equinox-specific manifest header or Equinox-specific directive?

Fragment-Host: system.bundle; x-appclasspath:=ext

This does not sound like it would work in general anyway. What happens when the framework is launched from code whose classpath does not include ext? I assume the option here is either use the bootclasscloader for the parent of the classloader used to load the framework or use the current classloader for the parent of the classloader used to load the framework.


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