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[equinox-dev] Java8 and JavaFX8


To integrate JavaFX2 into Java7 I had to reside to nasty stuff like
Adapter Hooks but I don't want to go into detail.

My current concerns are the future. First of all JavaFX 8 although
shipped with Oracle-JDK8 will not be JSRed so its packages can not get
part of the Java8 profile.

It currently looks like they are not getting on the bootclasspath but
rather pushed into lib/ext. I've done some tests today and it looks like
this lib/ext stuff is going give us some headaches because this means
the javafx stuff is not going to be on the bootclasspath which the
system.bundle delegates to, am I right with this?

So what could be a runtime-solution? Would a OpenJDK8-Profile which
exports JavaFX packages help us, or would it ran into the same problem
that it will delegate to the bootclassloader whereas we'd need to
consult the extension-classloader?

Once we figured out how we can solve the problem at the runtime layer we
can go the next step to tweak PDE in a way that it we can work with it.


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