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Re: [equinox-dev] PDE build with a framework adapter

Fragments to the system bundle (org.eclipse.osgi) should be added to the class path for any bundles that import packages exported by the fragment bundle.  This is similar to SWT where all the java classes are provided by the SWT fragments.  There is a header in org.eclipse.osgi (Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI: true) that simply a marker to indicate to PDE that it should place any fragments (that export packages) on the class path of consumers that either require-bundle the host (org.eclipse.osgi) or import a package provided by the host or one of its attached fragments.  The only thing I can think of is that this is not working seamlessly for Import-Package.  As an experiment could you try building a bundle that uses Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.osgi as well as Import-Package?

If that works then I would open a bug against PDE-Build for the issue since it should handle Import-Package similarly to how PDE-UI does.


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[equinox-dev] PDE build with a framework adapter

Hi all,

I have a framework adapter that I am creating.  Other bundles in the
eclipse feature need to reference classes from the framework adapter.
In a runtime workbench, this is working fine.  Similarly, I don't have
any problems at runtime.  The bundles that require classes from the
framework adapter just use import-package and everything seems to

However, the problem is during a pde build.  The compile of the
non-fragment bundles happens first and so they fail to compile since
the fragment is not yet compiled (note that there is no explicit
dependency on the fragment, there is only an import-package).  I've
gotten around this through a horrendous hack where I compile the
source folder of the framework adapter into a jar that gets stuck on
the compile-time classpath of the bundles that need it.  And it is
removed before creating the update site.

Does anyone know a way around this?  Should I be asking this on the
PDE mailing list?

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