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Re: [equinox-dev] Bundle-BuddyPolicy vs. Eclipse-BuddyPolicy

There is no Bundle-BuddyPolicy header in the OSGi spec. This is probably why you cannot find information about it at the OSGi website.


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Date:        2012/07/10 15:13
Subject:        [equinox-dev] Bundle-BuddyPolicy vs. Eclipse-BuddyPolicy
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Hi Equinox developers,
I would like to ask you for clarification about state of Equinox-specific's Eclipse-BuddyPolicy header vs. Bundle-BuddyPolicy.

I'm having a debate with Ceki Gulcu (a great man behind Log4J and Logback) whether OSGi-fied Logback bundle should include or not include Eclipse-BuddyPolicy in its MANIFEST.MF.

This is just a one of methods how to contribute logback.xml at runtime. But there was an opinion at logback-dev mailinglist that Eclipse-BuddyPolicy is somehow deprecated are there is "more standard" OSGi Bundle-BuddyPolicy for the same purpose. Unfortunately I can't find any info about this header at osgi.org website [1].

Methods are summarized by me at at [2].

My questions:

1) Is Eclipse-BuddyPolicy deprecated or not recommended?

2) What's the meaning and state of Bundle-BuddyPolicy?

3) Is Bundle-BuddyPolicy really OSGi standard header for this purpose?

[1] http://www.osgi.org/Specifications/ReferenceHeaders
[2] http://devblog.virtage.com/2012/07/logback-and-eclipse-attaching-logback-xml/

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