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[equinox-dev] Need some samples of region digraph bundle

Hi all,Â
I'm interested in using the region digraph feature of equinox. I tried to use the bundle org.eclipse.equinox.region bundle to try to make two regions and to add bundles to those regions. I tried debug my code with few break points in the region bundle and few in the bundle I created to try this feature. But at the end of theÂorg.eclipse.equinox.regionÂbundle start method activated, it loads org.eclipse.osgi bundle and the debugger's step over and other buttons goneÂdisabledÂwhile it reach the loop in run method of EventManager class ofÂorg.eclipse.osgi.framework package.Â
It would save my time if anyone could help me out with this point and if I can get some working samples which are using the region bundle of equinox.Â



Keep Smiling !