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Re: [equinox-dev] Some Packages must be imported outside of Eclipse

On 6/20/12 16:17 , . wrote:

if I start a OSGi bundle in Eclipse (Equinox) not only java.*, but also packages like javax.* are directly available and therefore must be not imported in the bundle manifest.

I would expect that you can import the javax.* packages, but you are correct that you shouldn't/can't import the java.* packages.

In contrast, when I run a bundle outside of Eclipse (also in Equinox; with startup.bat/startup.sh and config.ini) all used packages except java.* MUST be imported, otherwise it results to Class Not Found Exceptions.

What is the reason why e.g. javax.* are not available outside of Eclipse without importing them? Is it possible, e.g. with a parameter in the config.ini, to make these packages directly available or in other words create the same runtime environment like in Eclipse?

The reason is historical, I'd guess.

You can configure this via the org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation framework configuration property, but I'd recommend against doing so. Double check, but I'd expect that you can import the javax.* packages in Equinox when running in Eclipse...you should always import everything except java.* packages...

-> richard

Thanks in advance!

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