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[equinox-dev] Final steps for Juno release ... early removal of milestones and RC candidates

I forget to mention in status meeting today, but, I would like to remove the milestone and release candidate builds "early", like about 5 PM Thursday 6/21. (Sorry for short notice, see bug 383129 [1]).

I know our retention policy says "we keep them until the release is available" but I don't think the intent was literally to-the-day and removing them now will free up a LOT of space on eclipse.org and the hundreds of servers that mirror the eclipse project. (In fact, we are so large, it could be argued we should only keep "last three milestones", IMHO .... but, we'll save that for future discussion :)

This removal will include 3.8 and 4.2, both the "drop sites" (where zips and archives are) and the "milestone repo sites".  

If anyone wants to "snag a copy", please do. If anyone has any objections about exact timing, please document/discuss in bug 383044. (For example, if you do want to "get a copy" and can not do it until Friday at 5 PM, or similar).  

Bug 383044 - Final logistics of Juno Release

I will leave RC4 "in place" until release day (both drop site, and repo) since some users/adopters may still be wanting to get that, or ... very very unlikely ... a "respin" of common repo might be needed.

Also, I will do this for "Eclipse" ... I'm assuming John or other Equinox committer will do for their drop sites (but ... they are tiny compared to Eclipse Project's drop sites ... so ... timing is not so critical ... but, would be good citizen thing to do).

Note, I'd like to make this type of "early removal" a normal, documented part of retention policy, so have opened bug 383129 [1] before changing the semi-official "retention policy page".

Let me know if any concerns or objections, but if I do not hear otherwise, will remove the "old" milestones Thursday EOD.

[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=383129