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Re: [equinox-dev] building from source

We like it when ppl want to provide patches :)

Equinox is built using PDE Build only, but it is built as part of the SDK build.
From the IDE, the closest way to build it is by using the File > Export > Plugin [...] > Deployable plugins and fragments or by getting a build.xml file generated using the PDE Tools > create ant build file (right click on the plugin.xml).

On 2012-04-06, at 4:29 PM, Raymond Auge wrote:

I have a problem and I'd like to build and try to find the solution myself then provide a patch. 

The wiki doesn't have much. Can someone point me to the build docs? It's not entirely clear how to build from the sources. Seems to be a combination of bnd and eclipse builders. Is building dependent on bndtools?

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