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[equinox-dev] DiscoveryWizard/CatalogViewer questions



I am new to Eclipse and need some help.  I’m trying to embed the CatalogViewer into a form and am having no luck.  Instead of having the updater in a separate wizard dialog, we’d like to have it accessible from a tabbed dashboard form.


I’ve tried the example in the following location:




I am not able to locate the libraries for RepositoryDiscoveryStrategy, so it is unresolved.  Therefore, I tried replacing it with RemoteBundleDiscoveryStrategy which was found and resolved from the editor.  From anther Discovery example I was referencing, it used www.eclipse.org/equinox/p2/testing/updateSite for the URL.  Is this still accessible for testing?


Here is a small code snippet:


public void createPartControl(Composite parent)



                Catalog catalog = new Catalog();




                // add strategy for retrieving remote catalog

                RemoteBundleDiscoveryStrategy remoteDiscoveryStrategy = new RemoteBundleDiscoveryStrategy();




//            RepositoryDiscoveryStrategy strategy = new RepositoryDiscoveryStrategy();

//            strategy.addLocation(new URI("www.eclipse.org/equinox/p2/testing/updateSite"));

//            catalog.getDiscoveryStrategies().add(strategy);


                CatalogConfiguration configuration = new CatalogConfiguration();



                DiscoveryWizard wizard = new DiscoveryWizard(catalog, configuration);

                WizardDialog dialog = new WizardDialog(WorkbenchUtil.getShell(), wizard);




I’ve also tried creating my own CatalogViewer.  Here is another code snippet:


catalog = new Catalog();


                                // look for descriptors from installed bundles

                                catalog.getDiscoveryStrategies().add(new BundleDiscoveryStrategy());


                                // look for remote descriptor

                                String directoryUrl = "www.eclipse.org/equinox/p2/testing/updateSite";

                                if (directoryUrl != null && directoryUrl.length() > 0)


                                                RemoteBundleDiscoveryStrategy remoteDiscoveryStrategy = new RemoteBundleDiscoveryStrategy();








                                configuration = new CatalogConfiguration();

                                configuration.setShowTagFilter(tags.size() > 0);



                               container = new Composite(parent, SWT.NONE);

                                GridLayoutFactory.fillDefaults().margins(0, 0).applyTo(container);


                                catalogViewer = new CatalogViewer(catalog, getEditorSite(), (IRunnableContext) container, configuration);





There is very little documentation regarding this technology, so any information you can send me would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much,


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