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Re: [equinox-dev] Regarding Lazy Activation

Hello Ajinkya,


You might want to take a look at OSGi Declarative Services.


Some examples:




Best regards

Petar Petrov


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I am quite new to the concept of OSGi and bundles.

I have this issue.

For eg - I have 2 bundles

Bundle A and Bundle B,  Bundle A depends on Bundle B

But I want to start Bundle B only when Bundle A is started...

what are the ways to do it ? I manually found out the Bundle B using the Bundle object and started the Bundle B with bundle.start() but I
would like to do it without the Java Code. can the Framework Help me.



I am not sure but how does Bundle ActivationPolicy lazy works ?




Thank u and regards

Thank you and Regards
Ajinkya Prabhune