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[equinox-dev] Plugins as JAR in Eclipse Development environment

    I have added all the required plugins in the target platform of eclipse. One of the plugin is as JAR and it has multiple JARs inside it. The MANIFEST.MF carries the jar in the Bundle-Classpath and exports the package in the JAR.
    This particular plugin works fine in the runtime env but in eclipse the class inside the Internal JAR is not available and shows error.
    If the Plugin JAR is extracted into a folder and added to Target platform then the same is available for my development project.
    I see there is a problem in accessing a class which is in JAR inside the plugin JAR, i.e. nesting of JARs.
    Can anyone suggest me how to address this issue without extracting the plugin JAR to a folder as this works, but cannot be used that way,
    Thanks in advance.

V.Avinash Makam

Senior Software Engineer


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