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[equinox-dev] OSGi Remote Service Admin


As planned, the ECF project is approaching completion of an ECF-based implementation of the remote service admin OSGi 4.2 specification [1]. For those unfamiliar, the remote service admin spec is part of the OSGi enterprise spec. As appropriate for our project scope, our intention is to focus only on implementing the remote service admin spec...i.e. we have no intention or plans for implementing other parts of the OSGi ee spec (e.g. blueprint, etc).

The remote service admin specification includes classes...and these classes are included in the 4.2 osgi.enterprise.jar. How should ECF proceed WRT the IP clearance for these OSGi classes? Are they included in some overarching Eclipse Foundation-OSGi relationship? Are they included in the process that the runtime project has for getting new versions of (e.g.) the core framework spec classes? If not, could/should they be?

We would obviously rather not have to through a distinct, ECF-specific IP process for including these OSGi classes in ECF...especially since we as a project do not currently have an active representative on the Enterprise experts group. Also, duplicating work already done by the IP team is undesirable for obvious reasons.

So...how should we proceed WRT use of these OSGi EE classes for remote service admin?



[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=324215