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[equinox-dev] Automated installer of Eclipse plug-ins for OpenMRS developers - small question

Dear All:

Thank you all for your help with the OpenMRS Eclipse Installer. It is coming
together quite nicely.

I especially appreciate the help of Pascal Rapicault with his great insights
and patience with my bug reports.

I used the wonderful p2 API for 3.6, but unfortunately, for 3.5, I got quite
frustrated with the p2 provisional API (perhaps I am mistaken but it even
seemed to change _between_ 3.4 and 3.5, and I daresay between service
releases?) and ended up using the Update Site API, which seems to actually
work quite well for 3.5.

I have referenced the result here:

and the source code and binary is here:

Unfortunately, I had a very minor question about the Update Site API. I
realize this most likely is not the appropriate forum for this, but I
honestly do not know where else to ask, and I thought you may be the most
knowledgeable group about this topic.

Specifically, two quick questions:
1. Is it, by any chance, possible to add Update Sites from a plug in through
the Update Site API? I honestly browsed through the entire API JavaDoc and
the standalone update application that is part of Eclipse 3.5, but could not
find this functionality for _remote_ (not local) sites.
2. For some reason, when I install plug ins through the Update Site API, the
"Uninstall..." option is greyed out in Help -> About Eclipse -> Installation
Details. Is there anything I could do to change this?

Thank you

p.s. Some very helpful resources for the provisional API for potential
future readers of this post:

(the latter would be a _great_ resource if updated for the final P2 API;
perhaps I was mistaken but I could
not find a commit for this, even in the releng folder, that was not more
than 18 months old - and the code itself
seemed to use the provisional API - thank you!)
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