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[equinox-dev] How much of the R4.2 spec is implemented in Equinox


I hope hope I am at the right place. I've asked the following question(s) in the forums  and on irc but never got a answer so I am trying it here.

Right now I am working on a paper in which I am comparing Equinox, Felix and Knopflerfish in terms of OSGi 4.2 compliance.

Therefor I looked around on the Equinox page and found some clues:

If I am correct it seems like all of the core specs are fully implemented. Is that correct?


	• Security Layer
	• Module Layer
	• Life Cycle Layer
	• Service Layer
	• Framework API
	• Package Admin Service
	• Start Level Servcie
	• Conditional Permission Admin Service
	• URL Handlers Service
	• Service Hooks

According to the "bundles" page the following Compendium specs are fully implemented:

	• Log Service
	• Http Service
	• Device Access
	• Configuration Admin Service
	• Metatype Service
	• Preferences Service
	• User Admin Service
	• Wire Admin Service
	• IO Connector Service
	• Initial Provisioning
	• Declarative Services
	• Event Admin Service

So I'm curious about the other specs not listed on this page:

	• UPnP Device Service
	• Remote Services
	• Deployment Admin
	• Auto Configuration
	• Application Admin
	• DMT Admin Service
	• Monitor Admin Service
	• Foreign Application Access
	• Blueprint Container
	• Tracker
	• XML Parser Service
	• Position
	• Measurement and State
	• Execution Environment

Which of them are implemented right now (4.2 spec)?

You can also find this question in the forums:


Best regards