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[equinox-dev] shell refactoring proposal

This is a short summary of an activity we believe fits to the current point in time and the direction of the project. Any input on that is highly appreciated.
We’d like to propose an incubation activity under the Eclipse Equinox umbrella which to result in a RFC147 compliant implementation of a shell in equinox. Furthermore it will result in better separation of the shell functionality from the main equinox framework, leaving only single required functional parts in the framework itself. In addition to that we aim at enhancing the standard set of commands for analyzing dependency and class loading issues within Equinox.
RCF147 is complementary to the just-released OSGi 4.2 specification and defines a standard way to implement and run commands on an OSGi 4.2 framework. Its main qualities span in the direction of ease of use, interactivity and ease of implementation and testing of provided commands.