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[equinox-dev] Loading file.properties location from Config.ini or command line file

I am creating a launcher for Equinox and I would like to know how I can write the file path in config.ini file in order not to have to write the complete path of this file in the command line when I launch Equinox.jar –console in command line:
java -Dlog4jAdaptorfile="C:\log4j.properties"  -jar org.eclipse.osgi_3.4.0.v20080605-1900.jar –console
I would like to fix this system properties called log4jAdaptorfile to a relative path which depends from where I launch the command shown above.
I mean, if I have for example the next folder path:
                Equinoxà config.ini
                PropertiesFILE à log4j.properties
If I would like to have in the config.ini something like: ../PropertiesFILE/log4j.properties instead of specify the complete path so that I can use the same folder structure in any other host which I want to install and launch Equinox.
My goal is be able to lauch Equinox from a simple sh file without having to specify the exact path for MYFILE.properties each time I launch the framework in a different host.
Is any way to specify the log4j.properties path relative to where I launch Equinox.jar instead of having to specify the complete path in the command line?                   
Any helps?
Thank you in advance