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[equinox-dev] Subject.doAsPrivileged not working with security enabled?!



In our application we want to use JAAS to authenticate and authorise users and their access to defined functions.

Therefore I have activated OSGi Security and added the correct AllPermission-Policy and the Equinox FrameworkSecurityManager while starting the application.


Performing “normal” checkPermission-Operations all security evaluations are executed as expected. You can use the specific bundle permissions and the call stack is considered in the right way.


However, using a Subject.doAsPrivileged call to perform operations as a specific user, the ProtectionDomains of the bundles are not considered and the user has always AllPermission.

Googling for this behaviour I found a bug report in the Felix bug database https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FELIX-654 describing this problem.


Using Equinox, can this happen the same way? And is there a proper workaround for this problem or is it not possible to use Subject.doAsPrivileged at the moment?


Thanks for your help


Florian Pepping


By the way, here are the AccessControlContexts before the Subject.doAsPrivileged and within the Subject.doAsPrivileged call:


Before the Subject.doAsPrivileged call:

ProtectionDomain  (file:/D:/Sandboxes/DS/src/com.test/classes/ <no signer certificates>)


 <no principals>

 org.eclipse.osgi.framework.internal.core.BundleCombinedPermissions@5d72e2 (      à here I have a BundleCombinedPermission



With the Subject.doAsPrivileged call:

ProtectionDomain  (file:/D:/Sandboxes/DS/src/com.test/classes/ <no signer certificates>)


 <no principals>

 java.security.Permissions@39d3d3 (                                               à here I have a “normal” PermissionCollection for this CodeBase

 (java.security.AllPermission <all permissions> <all actions>)





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