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[equinox-dev] Equinox nightly in testing framework

Hello all,

I'm working on a OSGi testing framework, testing the OSGi
specification conformance for the most popular OSGi core framework
implementations. (equinox, knopferfish, felix)
Public testresults are already available for the most recent popular
core frameworks at

At this moment, I have an own nightly build script to test the latest
(nightly) framework builds from the svn/cvs trunk. It uses ant to
download, build and test the latest trunk version for knopflerfish and
felix and post these results online. However, I'm unable to require or
build the latest nightly equinox version.

The url's to the latest snapshot on the equinox download page contains
a version number and time and it isn't therefore possible to point to
in my ant script since it varies every time. A form post about this
issue wasn't helpful either:

I decided to try to build the latest equinox version from the trunk
and this is were I ran into a problem. I did a checkout of the module
"org.eclipse.equinox/framework/bundles/org.eclipse.osgi" from
"dev.eclipse.org" Inside eclipse I could create an ant buildfile with
PDE Tools -> Create Ant Build File from the contextmenu on the
build.properties file. Running the generated ant script worked fine
and the build was successful.

My question is: Is it possible to generate this ant-build file from a
console or at least without the eclipse UI so I can include it in the
framework's ant script. Of course, if you have another option to
automatically retrieve or build the latest equinox nightly I would be
very pleased to hear.

Walter Treur