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RE: [equinox-dev] Problem with defining a custom adaptor hook in a framework extension

I did not explained it clearly. I launch the framework with java -jar <equinox.jar> - I haven't tryed with the launcher. And it fails in all caises - both with and without adding the extension fragment to the classpath with the -cp java command option. In both cases the extension gets resolved (at least such is the status returned by the ss command), but the framework classloader is not set up with the extension, therefore the hookconfigurators.properties file of the extension is not read.

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Can you clarify the different ways you launch equinox and what cases fail and what cases succeed? You mention that it fails but that it also succeeds if you add the fragment to the class path while launching with java -jar <equinox.jar>. The equinox launcher (org.eclipse.equinox.launcher jar) is what reads the osgi.framework.extensions property then it sets up the framework class loader with the proper content (the framework + extensions etc.) But if you are not using the equinox launcher (i.e. java -jar <equinox.jar>) then you must add the extension fragments to the class path yourself.


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[equinox-dev] Problem with defining a custom adaptor hook in a framework extension


I am trying to define a custom adaptor hook in a framework extension, but it seems as if the hookconfigurators.properties file in the extending fragment bundle jar is not read. When debugging the HooksRegistry code I found that the hookconfigurators.properties file in the bundle is not returned as a resource by the framework classloader.

I have set the osgi.framework.extensions property in the config.ini file, and when starting equinox (I start it with java -jar <equinox.jar>), I add the extension bundle to the classpath. The extension fragment is correctly recognized as such, and gets successfully resolved. The framework and extension bundles are in one and the same folder. I am using 3.5 release.

Any idea what the problem may be?

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