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[equinox-dev] Use of Thread Context ClassLoader considered harmful?

Hi all,

I am using Apache XMLBeans 2.4 within Equinox 3.5, and am running into
problems. Specifically, I (and others [1,2] - references at bottom) have
noticed that a specific part of the type resolution process breaks when
run in an OSGi environment.

After some investigation, I have found that XMLBeans is creating its
SchemaTypeLoader objects with the current thread's context
classloader[3]. My experience has been that any time a library does this
and then needs to load classes that are in a different OSGi bundle, the
classes can not be resolved.

So I suppose my questions are: Could Equinox do more to prevent this
kind of use-case from breaking down? Alternatively, for compatibility
with an OSGi environment, is using a TCCL considered harmful? If so,
what should I suggest in my XMLBeans ticket as an OSGi-compatible

-Mike Furtak



emaTypeLoaderImpl.getContextTypeLoader%28%29 (Line 131)
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