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[equinox-dev] OSGI / PDE /equinox dependency leak for imported packages with classes with base classes in other bundles


I have the following situation which should occur in many OSGi applications :

- bundle b.A implements/delivers some library containing a base class with full name b.A.BaseClass
-- this BaseClass implements some public methods
- bundle b.B implements/delivers a concrete implementation with a class b.B.SubClass that inherits from b.A.BaseClass
- bundle b.C needs to use b.B.SubClass

In such a case, I would assume that bundle b.C only needs to express a dependency (import package) on bundle b.B, and the fact that b.B.SubClass inherits from a BaseClass should be an implementation detail, transparent for b.C.

But, unfortunately, once I want to use a method on b.B.SubClass, which is inherited from the BaseClass, PDE forces me to also include a dependency on b.A in b.C.

And so there is a dependency leakage...

Is this caused by a fundamental OSGi construct/decision/..., or specific for PDE?

kind regards