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RE: [equinox-dev] Update/uninstall SWT application in Equinox gives UnsatisfiedLinkError



I do not know if SWT uses native libraries, if it uses then you should  include them in Manifest.MF with the Bundle-NativeCode: header, you can also try to fix the java.library.path in the command line with your native library path, when you launch Equinox.


I got a similar Exception because I could not load a native library in Ubuntu.







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Asunto: [equinox-dev] Update/uninstall SWT application in Equinox gives UnsatisfiedLinkError




I am trying to run an SWT application in OSGi environment. Install/start bundle works fine. But when I update the bundle or try to uninstall-install and start again, I get java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError - no swt-win32-3550 in java.library.path.

I have tried putting swt.jar in classpath, extracting swt.jar and putting swt related dlls in windows path, also in jre/bin directory. Still uninstall-install works for the first time. If is try the same once more, it again gives the same error.

Any help towards solving this problem would be appreciated.





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