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RE: [equinox-dev] Using LIRc library in Equinox

Hi again,

I have got the Libjunixsocket.so and put it in the classpath path, but it is
does not work, either I have tried putting this library into the bundle,
using BUndle Native-Code in the Manifest, but I am not able to export from
Eclipse when I use this.

The idea is I have a LIRC packages, which were wraping into a bundle with
the Eclipse option, New Project--> Plug-in Projects--> Plug-in from existing
JAR archives. I use this bundle LIRCbundle as required bundle in my main

I guess I would have to put the native libraries (Junixsocket.so) into to my
LIRCBundle, using the Bundle Native-Code header. The problem is that when I
use this I am not able to export the bundle without any problema shown. 

Any idea?


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Hi Mark,

I have tried wrapping the LIRC.jar libraries in a bundle, and adding like
Required-Bundle in the different Bundles' Manifest where they use this
classes. The problem is that I continue getting the same Exception.

I have looking the source code from LIRC packages and I found a static code
where I guess LIRC packages use JNI libraries, what Do I have to do with

public class UnixSocketImpl {

	static {
		// Loads the JNI library from the directory of this class
		String libname = System.mapLibraryName("junixsocket");
		// uses getFile() instead of getPath() as getPath() is not
available in JDK1.2.2
		String libpath =


How should I treat this code in order to adapt with OSGI? I mean, I have
tried launch a simple application using LIRC libraries and it worked fine,
but when I tried to use LIRC packages from OSGI I get :

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class

I tried with -vmargs -Djava.library.path=path_to_lirc_libs

But nothing new appears

Perhaps, the question is easier, how do I have to do when I have JNI classes
in my bundles?

Thank you in advance

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Asunto: RE: [equinox-dev] Using LIRc library in Equinox


just an idea. Maybe jlirc works with JNI? Maybe you have to give the library
path to the VM similar to subclipse?
Like: -vmargs -Djava.library.path=path_to_lirc_libs


"David Conde" <dconde@xxxxxxxx> schrieb am 14.08.2009 14:23:22:
> The problem can be because OSGI does not recognize the LIRC daemon, 
> because I have tried to introduce all the classes from LIRC packages 
> in my bundle and I have the same result. I do not know if I have to 
> do something special to relate the OSGI framework with the LIRC 
> daemon in Ubuntu, or include some libraries. I do not know much about 
> LIRC but I think that is a daemon which takes data from remote 
> control and then send this information to a socket, so I think my 
> bundle just should interact with a ?socket?, but there 
> are an API to use LIRC in Java called JLIRC which I think should be 
> enough.
> Any idea will help me.
> Thanks
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> Hi,
> I am trying to use LIRC libraries in order to use remote controls in 
> my bundles running on Equinox.
> For this task, I download de JLIRC source and put it all together in 
> a new bundle called RemoteLIRC, then I exported the next packages:
> -org.lirc
> -org.lirc.socket
> -org.lirc.ui
> -org.lirc.utils
> Then I imported these packages in another bundle called Remote 
> Manager which use some of the classes defined in these packages.
> I did not get any error in compilation time with Eclipse but when I 
> tried to launch Remote Manager by console I got a java.lang.
> NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.lirc.socket.
> UnixSocketImpl
> I do not know If I am putting right the LIRC packages or is it a 
> problem from sockets?
> Any Idea?
> Thank you in advance
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