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RE: [equinox-dev] Getting info for dynamic imports through the console

But then why if the bundle imports dynamically packages, which are not provided by any other bundle, the diag command returns that the dynamically imported packages are missing? This really does not affect the resolving of the bundle and it gets resolved correctly, but still are returned by diag. When a bundle providing these packages is installed and activated, diag stops returning the dynamically imported packages as missing.
But my question was more about how I can check through the console what packages a bundle imports dynamically?

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The diag command only shows info on why a bundle could not resolve. Dynamic imports never prevent a bundle from resolving. Dynamic import wires are created (well) dynamically, the bundle command only shows imports for statically imported packages.


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[equinox-dev] Getting info for dynamic imports through the console


I have the following question regarding dynamic imports info. The bundle <id> console command does not return the dynamic imports of a bundle, and in the same time the diag <id> command states that there are no unresolved imports for this bundle. So is this the intended behavior of the bundle <id> command? Is it possible to get info through a console command which packages are dynamically imported by the bundle?

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