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[equinox-dev] Re: Problem testing with JUnit - Equinox doesn't start

Thomas Watson <tjwatson@...> writes:

> This is very strange.  It appears the launch configuration is trying to set
the start-level of the system bundle.  Perhaps there is a PDE bug that allows
that to happen.  But I'm not even sure how to construct an osgi.bundles
configuration property that would cause the launcher (EclispeStarter) to try and
set the start-level of the system bundle.
> Can you please open a bug against Equinox->Framework and provide steps we can
use to reproduce.  Also tell us what version of Eclipse you are using.  Thanks.

Here you can download my Eclipse configuration info:

The project file:

and classpath:

This is the bundle manifest:

and this is the test launcher:

and the launch log:

With my project I simply start the launcher and get the errors in launch log.
Do you need any further information how to reproduce this?