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Re: [equinox-dev] Keeping the OSGi framework from terminating if no application is running

Set "osgi.framework.activeThreadType=normal" in your config.ini or pass that to the jre (via "-D") and it should do what you want


Kirchev, Lazar wrote:
I have a question regarding the configuration property osgi.noshutdown and the corresponding command line parameter -noExit. According to the documentation for this property, "if "true", the VM will not exit after the eclipse application has ended". We are launching Equinox from command line, with osgi.noshutdown set to true in the configuration file, and also with eclipse.ingnoreApp set to true. We want to have a running framework, which is not executing any application. But still, the framework terminates. Isn't this in odds with the documentation?
In bug 183208 is described a similar case. It is commented there, that the VM exits if there is no non-daemon threads running, and the framework does not start such threads, and the bug is closed as resolved. But then what is the osgi.noshutdown property for? Since the framework exits, then the property does not do what it should. In this case, how can we achieve running the framework with no application, and without the -console option, if possible?
Kind regards,
Lazar Kirchev

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