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[equinox-dev] FW: Classloader problem

Title: FW: Classloader problem

Anyone have any experience running Equinox using IBM J9?  We are having some problems with using IBM J9 that we dont encounter with Suns JVM.

See below

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From: Hawkins, Joel
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2009 1:27 PM
To: O'Flynn, Dennis
Subject: Classloader problem

Dennis -

In a nutshell - The J9 VM packages many javax xml extension jars and their corresponding apache implementations in the library directory of the JRE. Many of the same packages are supplied by bundles that ship with Eclipse. A number of these bundles export packages without version numbers, and we find ourselves running into class verification errors when the classes provided by the JRE don't match those expected by the bundles.  The Sun JVM prepend the apache classes with com.sun., so the problem is partially mitigated. However, for javax.* classes, the potential for trouble remains.

Is there a way to alter the contents of the system classpath during osgi startup such that we can suppress these additional classes provided by J9 and resolve them from the bundles provided by Eclipse?