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[equinox-dev] [DS] Unexplained Component Deactivation

After seeing a bug report recently regarding unnecessary deactivation
of components I decided to delve further into an issue I have had for
sometime. The problem being that sometimes for no apparent reason
(well that i could figure out at the time) during programmatic service
registrations some DS components would be deactivated during what
would i would consider a normal osgi framework startup.

The results of my findings are located on the bug ticket

If anyone else has the time it would be appreciated if you can
replicate the deactivation issue pointed to in the sample i have
provided (you may need to start up the osgi framework multiple times
to see it appear), i have reproduced it on several machines many
times, but since they are effectively the same hardware/os it doesn't
say much.

I also have a experimental patch that i believe catches all the cases
I have come across.

Any thoughts, feedback would be appreciated.