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[equinox-dev] Running Equinox on Application Server

I am trying to deploy equinox bundles (servlet and jsps) on IBM WAS6

As per my understand that there are two deployment options - 
1. running Application server on top of Equinox (embedding an application server) and 
2. Running Equinox on top of an Application server.

Going with option 2... everything works fine, if i deploy cataline and jasper as bundles on top of equinox. 
However, I am thinking, Isn't application server supposed to provide these servlet container and JSP compiler (and also other features security, messaging , transaction etc)

How can I make use of servlet container which is there in IBM WAS6.1 (or rather any application server) while running equinox in an app server.

Thanks your help.
Krishnarajah Krishnaveni