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RE: [equinox-dev] Framework launching and class loaders

What will happen if I let the org.eclipse.osgi.services bundle remain resolved in my OSGi framework and the system bundle export the same version of org.osgi.service.cm? Which package will be imported by other bundles (eclipse implementation of ConfigurationAdmin being one of them)?
That way, I don't have to care about exporting packages inside org.eclipse.osgi.services that is not mutually shared by the launcher and bundles inside the framework. So, what I'm asking for is a way to override a specific package exported by a bundle (but not all of them), is that possible?

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The org.osgi.service.cm package has 2 "version" in your example. One loaded from a bundle and used by the ConfigurationAdmin service implementation and the other on the application classpath. You need to either use reflection to use the service (then you don't need the version on the classpath) or you need to configure the framework to export the version on the package on the application classpath from the system bundle (org.osgi.framework.systempackages.extra) so that the ConfigurationAdmin bundle uses that version of the package.

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Subject: [equinox-dev] Framework launching and class loaders
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I'm using the framework launching API to start an OSGi framework (which in this case is Equinox 3.5M6).
I need to pass some configuration from the launcher application to one of the bundles running so I thought
of using the ConfigurationAdmin service for this.
The launcher gets hold of a BundleContext (from the framework handle) and gets a reference to the
service; ServiceReference reference = context.getServiceReference(...)
But I get into trouble on the next step
ConfigurationAdmin cAdmin = (ConfigurationAdmin) context.getService(reference);
This throws a ClassCastException. The actual object returned uses equinox's class loader while the class I'm
trying to cast to, ConfigurationAdmin, is loaded through the launcher's standard class loader
(sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader in this case).
How can I go around this? Shouldn't I be playing with OSGi services outside the framework like this? In
that case how should I pass configuration from the launcher to the bundle?
-Patrik Jansson
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