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RE: [equinox-dev] Security Doubts

Hi Florian,


Thank you very much for your answers.

The problem was solved, I was writing wrong the Bundle name which was controlled by BundleLocationCondition, if I wrote the name which appears when I typed “bundle ID_BUndle” in console, no permission was activated, but instead of that, if I write the Bundle Simbolyc name, I got good results.


Let’s say if my BundleConsumer has:


Symbolic name: ServiceConditionalConsumer_1.0.0


And when I type bundle command my_bundle_ID I got: C:\myfolder\ServiceConditionalConsumer_1.0.0.jar If I wrote this one in the ConditionInfo no result appeared.


By the way, Is there any way to forbid the unsigned Bundles installation? I tried with the next command, but no results were got.


java -Djava.security.manager=org.eclipse.osgi.framework.internal.core.FrameworkSecurityManager -Djava.security.policy=policy.policy -Dosgi.framework.keystore=autoridadcertificadora.keystore -Dosgi.signedcontent.support=authority -Dosgi.signature.support.verify=true -jar org.eclipse.osgi_3.4.3.R34x_v20081215-1030.jar -console


And whatever bundle can be installed, either unsigned or bundles signed by other Certification Authority?


I do not understand why installation to unsigned bundles  is allowed at the same time that Bundles modified are forbidden, because in this way,  any bundle could be installed.


Is there any example about signatures which has been tested?


Thank you in advance







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Hi David,


I will try to answer some of your questions concerning the handling of Permissions in Equinox.


First of all, activate security with the following properties:



And use this property for debugging the security problems:



The FrameworkSecurity.policy should contain java.security.AllPermission, so that the Framework is free

to operate. There may be a possibilty to constrict the Framework-Permissions to a smaller set, but it's

very difficult to start with.


Afterwards, activate the ConditionalPermissionAdmin with code looking like this:


        ServiceReference cpaService = context.getServiceReference(ConditionalPermissionAdmin.class.getName());
        if (cpaService != null)
            ConditionalPermissionAdmin cpa = (ConditionalPermissionAdmin) context.getService(cpaService);

            ConditionInfo ci = new ConditionInfo("[org.osgi.service.condpermadmin.BundleLocationCondition "*"]");
            PermissionInfo pi = new PermissionInfo("( java.util.PropertyPermission \"*com.test.onetwothree.*\" \"read,write\" )");
            cpa.setConditionalPermissionInfo(oid, new ConditionInfo[] { ci }, new PermissionInfo[] { pi } );



With this piece of code, all Bundles with Symbolic-Name "com.test.onetwothree.*" have just one permission: read and write all properties.

These permissions have to be configured in your java code. Currently there is no official way to configure these permissions by file. An

example on how to do this anyway can be found in the OSGi Spec Version 4.1 April 2007 on page 237.


Last but not least, a permissions.perm file can (but must not) be created in the subdir OSGI-INF in each bundle. In this permissions.perm file

the bundle developer can outline all permissions, that his bundle needs to operate. The framework guarantees, that this bundle never gets more

permissions, than defined in the permissions.perm, also more global permissions are available for this bundle. So, the actual permissions

for a bundle is the intersection of the global permissions and the permissions in the permissions.perm file. If no permissions.perm file is defined,

the bundle gets AllPermission (to be said: all global permissions defined plus all permissions defined for this bundle via condition.)


Having all these things configured, the Security-Framework of equinox should work.


Good luck.





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Subject: [equinox-dev] Security Doubts

Hi everyone,


These previous days I have been trying and reading a lot about securiy in OSGI. I tried Local Permissions in Equinox and they were ok, and I either tried with some examples using Conditional Permissions and I did not got any result at all.


I have tried with this example : http://dz.prosyst.com/pdoc/mbs_ext_6.1/um/meg/developer/osgi/mobile_conditions/mobile_conditions.html


Changing it to include  both BundleLocationCondition and BundleSignerCondition but no result at all. I would like to know if somebody has done some example with Conditional Permission in Equinox and he got any result. Could people who got the expected results with Conditional Permission tell me this scenario where Conditional Permission Works?Either if I need some special permissions or some special way of launching Equinox Framework by console using special options.


I have tried with several versions of Equinox, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5.  In Equinox 3.5 when I launch with Security options, typing security.manager parameter equal to “osgi”, I do not get anything, I do not get neither Exception nor anything, just it is like no command was launched.



With Equinox 3.4 I achieved to run Local Permissions, but when I tried with Equinox 3.5 in order to check Conditional Permissions but  I haven’t get any result. It is like nothing is taking into account what I write in PermissionManager (see the link written above). What do I need in my PermissionManager Bundle to grant permissions? I put ALLPermission in this bundle, but Do I need any permission else?


The last question, why Don’t Equinox verify my bundles signature when I install them handly by console using install command? I use a keystore different on the keystore which signed the bundles and I do not get any Exception.

It is strange because whatever keystorename that I write  in -Dosgi.framework.keystore=cakeystore.keystore is valid, even If I put a keystore_name invented which does not exit, I do not get any Exception and “OSGI>” environment appears.


So I am sorry for so many questions but I think that I can’t continue without some piece of advice.


Thank you very much in advance




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