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Re: [equinox-dev] Bundle-Verification, Security, Permissions and Hooks

> Now my question:
> How can I make sure, that my framework-hook is recognized by the
> framework and the framework
> only starts, when this hook is available? Or is there another
> possibility where to execute these operations?

Are you asking how to configure your framework extension (which contains your framework-hook) into the framework?  Or looking for some way to prevent the framework from launching if your extension is not present?

I assume you are already using the osgi.framework.extensions property to specify your framework hook and then launching the framework with the equinox launcher (org.eclipse.equinox.launcher).  The launcher will search for the framework extensions specified by this property but it will not fail if it cannot find a framework extension specified in this property.  The Framework does not fail to launch if an extension is not found it just continues on with the default set of framework-hooks.  This would require an enhancement to the framework.  But I'm not sure how we would enforce it.  It would have to involve some configuration (a setting in the config.ini) to tell the framework to fail when an extension is not present.  But this setting could easily be switched off which would open the door again.  You could use a bundle on top that verifies that your hook is present and force a shutdown (and/or log an error) if it did not find your extension.  But this bundle could be missing also ...

> Thanks in advance for your advise.
> Florian Pepping