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[equinox-dev] Equinox - Autostart

Title: Equinox - Autostart


Its my first message on this mailing list so, I hope that I respect the rules. I have made some researches but I dont find the solution I try to get.

Previously, I developed Eclipse plug-ins and I really appreciate OSGi mechanism used in Eclipse.

On a new project, I have chosen Equinox to create an application from scratch. I have many bundles and some of them register their services in their Activator.start method. Everything works great in the Eclipse IDE (the launcher uses the property Default Auto-Start=true).

Currently, I try to get my application working on command-line. I have followed the quickstart (http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/documents/quickstart.php) and I have chosen the solution using the bundles: org.eclipse.osgi, org.eclipse.equinox.common and org.eclipse.update.configurator. So, my own bundles are in the plugins folder. My problem is : when I launch the OSGi framework, they are not started. Can somebody give me an hint on how to set the Default Auto-Start to true? They are still in a Lazy status. :-(

Thank you for your help.