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RE: [equinox-dev] Determining imports.

Not that I know all your particulars, but I have found the BND tool to be most effective at determining imports, especially A). What is statically being imported throughout the known classpath chain, and B). what is missing, based on the known classpath chain... From there, I proceed iteratively... However, what this doesn't tell you, especially when it comes to legacy stuff (deep breath, as the community does a pretty poor job at proper "high cohesion / loose coupling" design, but I won't digress), is C). what stuff on the static import list is not used in your particular run-time thread, and D). what dynamically loaded stuff is being loaded a la config file etc etc... When it comes to D, I don't think the "DynamicImport-Package" feature necessarily helps in that, a la OSGi, it presumes that some bundle somewhere has all the necessary ingredients (kind of that eclipse buddy policy global thing that I just dread every time I see it in a manifest -- you just know somebody copped out and threw up their arms and said "blank-it")...
For what it's worth...


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I'm playing around with some legacy stuff which is doing its own class
loading.. I made a wrapper 'class-loader' which forwards the calls to
the bundle-equivalents, and added a DynamicImport-Package: * to the
bundle manifest. Now I'd like to find out how the dynamic import has
been used, but when I query the bundle in the equinox shell, I get 'No
imported packages'. I know for sure that the dynamic import has been
used, since querying the package it says my bundle imports it, is
there a way to tell which packages have been imported to this bundle
(except by looking through all packages, and see if it's imported by
my bundle)?

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