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[equinox-dev] Eclipse JAAS / registerListener()

Sorry for cross posting to the equinox newsgroup:

Hi folks,

we're using Eclipse JAAS to add security to our RAP application.


String configName = "myJAAS";
URL configUrl = Activator.getDefault().getBundle().getEntry(
System.setProperty("login.config.url.1", configUrl.toExternalForm());
ILoginContext secureContext = LoginContextFactory.createContext(
            configName, configUrl);
Subject s = secureContext.getSubject();

The login works properly so far but now I want to register an event listener to give the user feedback if the login failed for some reason. The Eclipse JAAS API provides the method registerListener() to add an event listener.




But how do I register my login dialog that implements CallbackHandler and ILoginContextListener if the callbackhandler is defined in plugin.xml as an extension? So my application doesn't know the used LoginModule, CallbackHandler and actually used CallbackHandlerMapping.

Any help is appreciated.

Kindest regards, Lars