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RE: [equinox-dev] Adding Equinox Declarative Services (DS) to theEclipse SDK


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Date: 2009/01/26 11:46
Subject: RE: [equinox-dev] Adding Equinox Declarative Services (DS) to        theEclipse SDK
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Actually, a few month ago I have filed a bug for adding DS to the Eclipse SDK, see
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General development mailing list of the Eclipse project.
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[equinox-dev] Adding Equinox Declarative Services (DS) to theEclipse SDK

Howdy y'all. I like to raise the question of us adding Equinox DS to the Eclipse SDK. DS provides a powerful way to deal with OSGi services and in my opinion, greatly simplifies the development of services. As we forge towards Eclipse 3.5, we made a lot of steps to make DS easier to use in the Eclipse SDK without it actually being in the SDK:

- Prosyst donated a high quality implementation of OSGi DS that made its way to the Equinox SDK
- PDE release DS component authoring tools as part of a GSOC project and 3.5 work
- The DS spec was updated to work better with lazy bundles (

Technically, to add DS to the Eclipse SDK all we need to do as add these two tiny bundles:

    org.eclipse.equinox.ds (.15MB)
    org.eclipse.equinox.util (.02MB)

So my request in sending this email out is to get the opinion of consumers (anyone who builds applications on top of Eclipse) and producers (the Eclipse platform team, especially the Equinox committers). Do consumers see a benefit of having DS in the SDK? Does the greater Eclipse team feel comfortable with having DS in the SDK and may use it in the future potentially?

And if we reach a consensus, it would be great to see DS included with the Eclipse SDK in the 3.5M6 timeframe. If not, at least we had a fun discussion :)



Chris Aniszczyk
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