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Re: [equinox-dev] bundle starting twice

Are you updating the loginscreen bundle when you see the bundle get started twice or do you have multiple versions of the loginscreen bundle? If a new version of the loginscreen bundle is being provisioned then this is expected behavior. I would have expected the loginsreen bundle to bring down the first login screen when it is stopped and then a new loginscreen be displayed when it is started again.

If you are not updating the loginscreen bundle and you are sure you do not depend on anything outside of the OSGi Framework then this is unexpected. If that is the case, can you open a bug against Equinox->Framework and provide a testcase to reproduce?


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[equinox-dev] bundle starting twice

Hi all,

I have a client application in which I added a bundle ('loginscreen')
at start level 1 to display a login screen.
While this screen is presented to the user, the framework startup
continues as usually, with org.eclipse.update.configurator at level 3.
Now when modifications have occurred to the set of available bundles,
Package Admin will always stop my loginscreen bundle, and restart it.
In this case that means there will be two login screens...

The loginscreen bundle only depends on the framework, and no other
bundles depend on it, so I don't see why it would need to be

Can I avoid this behaviour somehow ? I don't want to start the bundle
after org.eclipse.update.configurator.

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