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[equinox-dev] Conceptual problem with OSGi

I have come upon a conceptual problem with OSGi.

First, I'll tell what I need. I need a factory that will create some instances. Each instance has it's own configuration and all instances provide a service.

I've read about the EMailFetcher example in the Configuration Admin Specification and it turned out to be just my case. So I was happy and thought that I should use ManagedServiceFactory and all the things associated with it.

Later, however I've read the Declarative Services Specification. And that is where it began. I can't feel the difference between the ManagedServiceFactory (from Configuration Admin) and ComponentFactory (from Declarative Services).

If anyone could tell me the difference between them (for example why can't I use ComponentFactory in the EMailFetcher example, or can I?), I would be very-very thankful.

Thanks in advance...