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Re: [equinox-dev] config.ini and equinox aspects

Hi Andrew!

Just tried out the latest version of equinox aspects and am
successfully weaving against OSGi head.  That's great.


However, I am still getting an error when the equinox aspects weaver
is started at level 1.  This problem goes away if I start it instead
at level 4.

Hm, that is strange. You are getting an error when the weaving service is started at level 1? What error do you get?

Starting the weaving service at level 4 doesn't seem to be giving me
any problems, but you are suggesting that it is not working.  Should I
not be doing this?

I am a bit irritating since starting with level 1 works for me, starting at level 4 not. Why do you have the opposite behavior? Interesting... ;-)

Would be nice to have a version that works with both... Working on that...

Can you nevertheless send me the error you get starting it at level 1?


On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 2:01 PM, Martin Lippert <lippert@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Andrew,

I committed some major changes inside the equinox aspects hook
implementation to fix some bugs. The problem with starting the weaving
service at a higher level is not yet fixed, but I would be happy to hear if
the current HEAD of equinox aspects works for you.

Thanks for your help!