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Re: Ruby addendum: [equinox-dev] BSF, Groovy, class/OSGi resolution

Now that you mention it, I could be wrong but I think I have seen the same leak using the SpringSource app server plus a JRuby on Rails app deployed using warble. (No BSF in sight, as far as I know.)

The symptoms are that undeploying + redeploying the Ruby app causes a permanent increase in the heap usage. I was attributing it to something in the JRuby runtime.

Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the internals of any of those to make a better diagnosis.

Craig Phillips wrote:
For what it's worth, I am not seeing the memory leak with groovy... I'm only seeing it with ruby... I don't see a leak with a 24x7 ruby script, only when I "yo-yo" and start/stop/restart scripts...
My gut feeling tells me it has something to do with the attachment to the class loader, which I pass along from the bundle activator, which gets it from equinox which <who knows where it comes from but suffice to say>...
Thought I'd throw that out there... At least I think that settles the matter that it's not my code per se, nor BSF...
Regards, Craig Phillips, Praxis


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I did run into one issue - a memory leak... and, I don't think it's in my code, although I'll desk check it with a fine tooth comb... I've been watching a la jconsole (as well, I had yoyo'd enough time that I actually ran out of heap)...
It seems that when I have a script return and I subsequently join the thread, jconsole is happy with the cleanup as far as threads are concerned, but the heap does not return to original levels;
When I run a new bsf instance (and engine thereof - either groovy or ruby), it adds about 2 to 3 mb to the heap size;
I reuse my class loader instance, however -- hmmm... I wonder if I should un-reference it and start over? Maybe BSF and the engines are attaching to the loader -- at which point they "pile up" ??? Shrug... Anybody out there have similar experiences? Thanks again...

-- Tommy M. McGuire mcguire@xxxxxxxx