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Re: [equinox-dev] Extension registry evolution

In Riena we have a simple approach for injecting extensions into target objects. This is similar to DI but not for services but for data.
The benefit is that the code dealing with extensions/extension points has no dependencies to the extension registry.

You may have a look at: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Riena_Getting_Started_with_injecting_services_and_extensions


Heiko Seeberger wrote:

Great to see typed objects moving into the extension registry! 
I am not sure if I fully understand IRegistryObject, therefore the following might not apply: I would not like my classes having to implement this platform related interface. Better provide an (additional) reflection based approach here in order to be non-invasive (e.g. like Spring DI).

What I really would love to see is the extension registry being based on or supporting the OSGi programming model. It is hard to have two similar approaches around and having to know both. Why not let the extension registry be an OSGi service (de)populated by applying the extender pattern? Then listening to changes in the registry (e.g. some new menu items coming in with a new bundle) would be the same task like listening to any OSGi service changes.


Am 24.09.2008 um 21:19 schrieb Oleg Besedin:

What would you like to see in the extension registry 2010?

If you have an opinion on how the extension registry can be improved, please visit:



and leave your comments!

So far we have identified several potential areas:

- Create typed Java objects instead of forcing you to crawl through IConfigurationElements  (see http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox_Extension_Registry_Work_Objects for details)
- Expand ability to programmatically modify extension registry
- Add support for non-singleton bundles

Does it sound like something you'd like to see in Eclipse?

(Please use this mailing list for general discussions and bug / wiki for more detailed comments.)

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