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Re: [equinox-dev] Is this a bug?

If bundles are installed by reference (via reference: URL) Equinox
doesn't guarantee anything to bundles which you replace, while they are
still running. Although OSGi is considered dynamic, such scenarios are
not supported. AFAIK, p2 and old Eclipse Update installs all bundles by

Such scenarios can be supported if the bundle was copied to the Equinox
storage and not referenced. Bundles which are installed through
Bundle.installBundle(String, InputStream) and
Bundle.installBundle(String) are copied (unless the URL passed to the
installBundle(String) is reference: URL) are copied to the storage.

Does this answer your question?

Danail Nachev
Senior Software Engineer/Development Tools
ProSyst Labs EOOD
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Vinayak Joshi wrote:
> Considering OSGI allows dynamic updates of running modules, I prototyped
> a situation where the equinox (v 3.4) is launched with a test bundle.
> Before calling any methods on the bundle, I replace the test bundle's
> jar file on the disk with a different copy - thereafter, the test bundle
> starts to throw class not found exceptions. I was hoping that until I
> issued an explicit bundle update, the test bundle would continue to work
> as though nothing changed.
> Is there something wrong with my understanding or is it a bug?
> I can provide sample test bundles to reproduce the issue.
> Vin.
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