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[equinox-dev] Sharing objects between GWT modules in different Equinox bundles

Att.: To anyone experienced with Equinox + GWT (apologies to others, I considered more likely to find someone here who could help me than in the GWT list)





I have two bundles each encapsulating a GWT module (say B1 and B2). My goal is that the second bundle (B2) could contribute with menu items to the main one (B1). In B2 onModuleLoad() entry point, I would append to the _javascript_ ‘window’ object the menu item listener (see listing 1 below) and in the B1 menu event handler I would get this object and call onClick() method (see listing 2).


Listing 1


public class Fragment implements EntryPoint {


                public void onModuleLoad() {

                               final String key = "callback" + this.getClass().getName() + ".command1";

                               BaseItemListenerAdapter obj = new BaseItemListenerAdapter() {


                                               public void onClick(BaseItem item, EventObject e) {

                                                               Window.alert("item: " + item + "; event: " + e);

                                                               super.onClick(item, e);



                               setHandler(key, obj);



                public static native void setHandler(String key, BaseItemListenerAdapter handler)/*-{

                                window[key] = function(item, event) {






Listing 2


                protected void onMenuItemSelected(BaseItem item, EventObject event) {

                               final String key = “callback” + Fragment.class.getName() + ".command1";

                               callHandler(key, item, event);



                public static native void callHandler(String key, BaseItem item, EventObject event)/*-{

                    window[key](item, event);




The problem is that in the second bundle window[key] returns “unresolved”. If setHandler() and callHandler() are both in the same bundle, everything works perfectly.


Is the approach viable? Is there any other alternative?


Any help would be appreciated.



Ricardo Giacomin