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Re: [equinox-dev] When is DS done loading services?

Oleg Besedin wrote:

> Did you say why you cannot install your plugins in a lower start level?

IMHO, reliance on a start levels should be avoided:

- start levels don't scale if you are putting together an application that combines features created by separate development teams (i.e., Feature A has startup sequence, Feature B has startup sequence, they might be fine if mixed together - or not)

- start levels create rather brittle bootstrap sequences that take an effort to maintain through releases (from the experience of Equinox)

Agreed. But we are talking about a specific use case here, not in general.

As to the question of DS, let's not forget that it is just an instrument. From what I understand, its goal is to help developers work around OSGi complexities. If it does not help, it needs to be fixed.

Yes, but the main complexity it is trying to simplify is handling dynamism. It doesn't attempt to eliminate dynamism, which is what is being asked.

-> richard

Thanks, Oleg ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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