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[equinox-dev] Auto install .exe after download using Equinox P2

Hi Folks,


We are creating a feature that will be containing a plug-in and an IDE installer (.exe windows) that will be deployed on our web site. User will be using the Eclipse Software Update (p2) dialogs to install or update from our web site. After the “Install…” or “Update…” step, everything needed to run the IDE installer wil be downloaded along with the plug-in. But as p2 does not support Update Manager style install handler and our requirement is that we need to start the auto execution of the IDE installer once it is downloaded from our web site using the Eclipse Software Update (p2) dialog.

That is user adds a new remote site, pulls in a feature with the plug-in and IDE installer,

clicks 'install', and it should run a custom code upon installation which will launch the IDE installer. Is this possible using Eclipse 3.4?

Has anyone handled similar requirement? Please provide some pointers on handling this requirement.


Thanks & Regards,



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