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RE: [equinox-dev] Will P2 ever support install handlers that execute code?

I did read this note before asking my question.  I can’t quite parse the last sentence.  Are you saying that 3.5 will have Touchpoint enhancements that provide the same functionality as the UM install handlers?


Also see:  The author of this note believes that Touchpoint will never provide install handlers.




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[equinox-dev] Will P2 ever support install handlers that execute        code?


I have been reading about P2 and its lack of support for update manager style install handlers, and the touchpoint technology in various places.  
We (Curl Development Tools for Eclipse) use an install handler to write a property file that we later use to find and launch our RTE.
From reading the Touchpoint instructions at your wiki, it looks like the p2 in 3.4 is not able to execute install handler code like the update manager.  Right?
Question:  Will P2 be able to do that in some version?  When?
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