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[equinox-dev] OSGi specification supported by Equnox 3.4 and OSGi test cases

Hi all,

I tried to run of the OSGi test cases for OSGi Release 4.1 (using jsr291-tck-final.zip and
osgi.ri-tck.zip) and found that some of the package admin test cases fails on
Equinox 3.4 (all of them pass on equinox 3.3.2).

The failed test cases are:

Are there any changes in the package admin mechanism between 3.3 and 3.4?
Do the Equinox 3.4 is OSGi R4.1 compatible or some part of the next
specification and/or errata is implemented?

Are there any configuration prosperities that I can use in order to
configure properly Equinox?

-Pavlin Dobrev
Dr. Pavlin Dobrev, Research and Development Manager
ProSyst Labs EOOD, 
48 Vladaiska Str., Sofia, Bulgaria, 
Tel. (+359 2) 954 91 62 . Fax. (+359 2) 953 26 17 
p.dobrev@xxxxxxxxxxx , http://www.prosyst.com 
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