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Re: [equinox-dev] P2 touchpoint instructions doc

That means that it is not possible to have a parameter value that includes a comma ',' - the parser will then think it delimits the value. Which is fine for now for paths, filenames, artifact keys and such, but perhaps not for some future touchpoints and actions.
Is there some particular reason for using the current format and not have actions as classes read/written to XML?

Henrik Lindberg

On 23 jun 2008, at 21.40, Simon Kaegi wrote:

Hm, I think may able to answer this myself. The format is actually
documented :)

The touchpoint data has a map, the keys in this map are the phases
like "install", and the value is the format described on the wiki
page - i.e. a string that needs to be parsed
to understand the actions and parameters i.e "action1
(paramname1:value, paramname2:value, paramname3:value);action2(...); ..."

Can someone confirm - or have I got it wrong yet one more time :) ?

Yep. That's it. You've got it.