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[equinox-dev] eclipse aspects - info not weaving bundle message

After much help from Heiko, I got my aspects working in standalone
equinox - thanks Heiko!

I now have a followup question. If I close the equinox framework and
then start it again, then start my java bundle (which has been
previously woven with my separate aspects bundle), this time on
starting I get this message:

[org.aspectj.osgi.service.weaving] info not weaving bundle <my bundle name>

And my aspects are not used.

Looking quickly in the code, this appears to be because isEnabled() is
returning false, but I can not work out why, or how to make it

I added the caching service and started it but this makes no
difference (not sure how to use this service anyway).

If I uninstall and re-install the aspects bundle then it starts to
work again, but I really don't want to have to do this each time.

Any ideas?